Why Isn’t my MTurk Balance Showing on TurkPrime?

If you cannot see your MTurk balance from the TurkPrime homepage it is likely because your MTurk and TurkPrime accounts are not properly linked. Or, if you have multiple MTurk accounts, you may have funded an account not linked to your TurkPrime.

To solve this problem, check that your MTurk and TurkPrime accounts are properly linked. You can do this by comparing the Amazon Account Name, Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key on file with TurkPrime to the credentials associated with your MTurk account. To find the information on TurkPrime, go to the profile icon in the header of the main page and click on Mechanical Turk Account.

Mturk Account Link on TurkPrime

  • If the information TurkPrime has on file does not match your MTurk account, then you may have funded the wrong MTurk account.
  • If the information TurkPrime has on file matches your MTurk account, there may be a glitch that you can reset by unlinking your accounts and then relinking them.

To change which MTurk account is linked to TurkPrime or reset your account settings, select either Edit your Amazon Credentials or Delete MTurk Settings to unlink your MTurk Account from your TurkPrime account. Afterward, try relinking your accounts by entering your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

MTurk Credentials page

If neither of these steps resolves your issue, please contact our Customer Support: support@turkprime.com