Capture Embedded data and secret code with re-directs or randomization logic (a, b, c)

TurkPrime will automatically add the following query string parameters to your URL so you can take advantage of them in your data collection. The parameters are: workerId, assignmentId, and hitId.

workerId - the MTurk Worker ID or TurkPrime Worker ID if Anonymizer is turned on
assignmentId - a unique ID that Amazon generates for a worker taking your HIT
hitId - the ID of your HIT (the 'I' is case sensitive).

For example, if your Survey Link is, we will add the above parameters to the URL, so the final URL might look like You can then take advantage of these parameters by setting up Qualtrics Embedded Data and capturing these parameters by setting up an embedded data block with these terms in your Qualtrics survey flow. For more information on how to set this up, please see the Qualtrics support page on embedded data.

If you are using the dynamic secret code, and you are re-directing participants to a different task or survey, you'd need to also collect a,b,c and pass that to the next survey/task


Please see our blog post on this for more details.