Concierge Services

Concierge Services studies are managed by TurkPrime and can be run either on MTurk or Prime Panels.

Concierge Services are typically used for those who:

  1. Are not familiar with running online studies and would feel more comfortable having a Project Manager from TurkPrime assigned to their study.
  2. Want to run a study with a complex methodological design (i.e. large stratified studies, longitudinal designs) but cannot or prefer not to manage the study themselves.
  3. Are targeting a very specific demographic group as participants (e.g., people from specific zip codes, nurses, people who have seen the movie Black Panther or Wonder Woman with their children).
  4. Would feel more comfortable having one-on-one customer support from a Project Manager assigned to their study.

Each Concierge Service study is unique and as a result, pricing depends on the specs of the study and the level of service required. If you are interested in running your study through TurkPrime’s Concierge Service and getting a quote, please fill out the Concierge Services form.